Thursday, February 20, 2014

Johnny Cash Birthday Bash / Sue Boy 3 Ride Information

The 3rd Annual Sue Boy Ride starts at 3pm from the Gasser Lounge.
We're riding to the Old Zoo in Griffith Park, which will probably be filled with kids celebrating birthdays and traffic and parking that sucks, but we're going Lion taming so bring a whip if you have it.
FYI Griffith Park has a 25 mph speed limit inside the park.

This is where we'll be handing out raffle tickets.

After a brief film shoot we're heading across the river to the Golden Road Brewery for food and drinks. There's a Pub there in the YELLOW bldg (you'll see three large bldgs., Blue, Red, and Yellow. You want the Yellow Bldg.). Not hard to find, but if you've never been there before, it's such a quick trip, one wrong turn and you make it exceptionally longer...

In addition to the Release Party of "that's SO chopper" and the raffle, the first 50 riders get FREE shop rags and buttons. The raffle will occur immediately upon our return to the Gasser Lounge. With the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash and LIVE music, there's just so much going on we need to hustle the raffle, so if you dilly around getting back to the bar, you might miss the raffle.

Local Accommodations near the Gasser Lounge
The closest (and cheapest) motel is the SEASIDE MOTEL 
(approx. 1/4 mile from the bar)
I know there are already some Chop Cult out-of-towners talking about throwing in together for a room. And keep in mind, the very next morning is the Long Beach Cycle Swap, so you can hit two events in one weekend.
...or make it three events, because Deus is having a two year anniversay party this weekend Sat & Sun, as well.

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Capt. Mikhail said...

Aaaaah, the LA Air Raid is in Pedro this same day. Motorbike riding with peeps is fun, but so are A.A. cannons. Oh the decisions.