Sunday, February 23, 2014

SUE BOY 3 RIDE (post 1)

 It's just the start of the 3rd annual SUE BOY RIDE from the Gasser Lounge kicking off the annual Johnny Cash Birthday Bash. This years ride was by far the largest and one of the funnest "bar hop" type dealy 'ohs thrown (about) every month (themes vary) by LadyHump and the Gasser Lounge.
Thanks for everyone who came out and rolled, partied, drank the night away, enjoyed some fine Curly Wolf and toasted the Birthday of the one and only, Mr. Johnny Cash! You out of town Chop Culters who made it from start to finish (over twelve hours of mayhem, music, and booze) I am impressed!

 Lots more pictures coming...

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