Friday, February 7, 2014

What Are You Doing?

Been a while since I've posted. Things have been pretty chilly around here in Brooklyn. Left Coasters always ask me - "What do you guys do during the winter?" Well the answer is "That's what I'm doing here in California, you silly". Seriously though, we mostly wrench, and we dip out on the occasional snowless day that won't give you frostbite after a few minutes on the highway. Lately we've been over at Tradecraft Garage with Nick, busting our frozen knuckles on our respective rides.

Curley and the man himself - Nick from Tradecraft
He says "Curley and I are checking the radius on an old trailer fender we cut and chopped for his T100 bar hopper project.  A bung by the old bag and sissy bar fender struts are next."

The 'Hump - represent! 

Lloyd got this old Honda CB350 running again.

 This is frozen dog piss. This is what my neighbors think of me.

This is Tradecraft's latest build - a 72 OIF basket case he put together that he calls the "Dead Drop"
More on that later....

-Jay McJay

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