Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What's a VLOG ??? SueBoy ride! 50+ bikes to LA and back!

So you're probably wondering what's a VLOG? Hell if I know (cause I dont) but I've seen my first one (below) and it's on our own SUE BOY RIDE!!! What the hell, that's rad. Thanks to electrobattleweapon8 (aka John Jimison) for putting us on their radar and throwing us some love! The following is taken directly from/off their Youtube promo. Check it out, and SUBSCRIBE to their VLOG(s), how can you go wrong (it's not like you're doing anything more important)(you ain't)(face reality)(check this shit out!) Yep. 
Unicorns, Rianbows and Muppets! 
I love that shit.
And pay special attention to the Branden comment about ten or so minutes in... snicker snicker snicker.

who's ready for 28 minutes of choppers, beer, speeding, yammering, lane splitting, getting lost, abandoned zoos, more beer, bigfoot, manwolfs, fog, ginuwine, and muppets?! 
follow (Instagram) @gasserlounge and @lady_hump! next ride is St. Patrick's Day!

and if you wanna just head straight over to YouTube and watch it, here you go (in HD): CLICK ME 

Thanks again Jimison. Can't wait to ride with you again. Next one's going to be less freeways, a way more scenic route.

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