Thursday, March 13, 2014


We're No.1 AGAIN, We're No.1 AGAIN!!!

Dude, that picture is like 4 years old? Couldn't send a reporter to snap a current photo? Should have asked me... I've got thousands of them. Anyhoo...

Yep that's right, The Gasser Lounge, for the second year in a row took home the covenanted title of BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BAR in the South Bay according to Easy Reader's BEST of the BEACH annual vote! That's because it's a magical place filled with more awesomeness than mere mortals can comprehend... seriously, it boggles the mind. Some don't get it and they'll never understand it... even if you read it out loud to them and let them ask questions along the way.

So what are we going to do to celebrate? EVERYTHING!
Starting with Lady Hump's RUCKUS RIDE March 15th at 2014

The fun doesn't stop there! The Fun Police do not have jurisdiction over us... honestly, they're too busy over in neighboring Hermosa Beach making sure no one is smiling or listening to loud music or being to "excitable" at their boring average run-of-the-mill St. Patricks Day Parade, which we have been banned from (for life) for spicing things up last year and winning BEST PARADE ENTRANT (but that's another story... )

Here's some of the "Public Indecency" that got us BANNED from the parade last year...
Protective Headgear not properly worn at 2 mph.

Skirts too short.
Bar too awesome!

Animals not properly leashed.

Pole dancing not recognized as valid form of art.

Girl Scout Cookie Sales probably violate some fair trade agreement with China or something?

That's us with a "Organized Patch Holding Local Club." I guess it's guilt by association with these Vest wearing little brownies??? We love you residents of Hermosa Beach that VOTED us best parade entrant, but until you remove the current Council of Bleeding Hearts from your ranks, the City of Hermosa Beach might as well adopt "Pop goes the Weasel" as it's theme song. Unless you can think of a more-boring song...? Which I'm sure you can.

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