Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ladyhump NYC - East Coast Update!

What have we been doing? Well, we've been freezing our asses off... 
but lately it's been ride-able enough and we're starting to come out of the garage. 

We were up at Tradecraft's secret upstate cabin, drinking beers in the snow

These girls - Erika Blair and Annie Rush stopped by to help 
Witness Co for a new photoshoot layout for his jewelry company 
and they helped warm us up.


 Jason Goodrich's old lady Rachael and her buddy Leslie 
left us for a motorcycle trip to India

They say they're never coming back 

 We had a warm day and poked our heads out

Damon picked up this old 79 Ironhead from Keino Cycles

Says he wants to turn it into some kind of flat tracker thing, we're
gonna help him with that.
My 69 BSA Lightning is in the process of being torn down, about to be 
showroom quality in the new season. More on that later.

Oh and it was Curley's birthday. Happy birthday Curley!!!

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