Monday, March 3, 2014

LBCS Randomness from February

Just some random pictures from the 2/23/14 Long Beach Cycle Swap
It's always a sea of baggers and shit, but there's a chance you might catch something edible floating in the water. I'd cook it first just to make sure it's not going to fill you full o' worms... And, since this is our summer (what month isn't right?)(I guess if the Superbowl is the same day, then the Swamp Meat is dead, but usually it busy busy busy), anyway, there's an annoying amount of pedestrian and bicycle traffic to navigate.


[and insert obligatory plug here]
Look for the Lady Hump table @ 24Cycles booths 810-811-812
Gotta get your book on?
Got a book fetish?
Once you pick up a copy of "that's SO chopper" you'll wanna tongue dart the nearest Stud around...
CRFyou is happy to assist all your nippling needs.

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