Thursday, March 13, 2014


The Ruckus Ride will leave the Gasser Lounge at 3pm.
(Although the bar will be open at 11am, you can show up any time before the ride starts. But keep in mind, only the first 50 riders will receive a FREE shop rag. I actually made about 65 so maybe you'll luck out if you're late...? No promises).

Remember, this is NOT a race. If you get caught at a red light or other, just cruise forward and you'll catch up with us along the route. We are stopping at Pelican Cove Park; restrooms, ample parking lot right next to road, you can't miss all the bikes as you try and catch up... We'll turn north on Western and head to an Irish Pub called Paddy-O's (yes they have a extremely large patio dining area). We'll probably overwhelm their serving staff with our drink orders, but fear not. We'll head from there to Kit's house where we'll shoot the #taterzooka, drink homemade Irish Red and the Gasser Lounge is throwing in some beer too. Kit's house will be on maps handed out prior to the start of the ride at the Gasser Lounge but it's adjacent to LAX at the east end of the 105. When everyone's spent (and all potato loads have been shot) we'll cruise back to the bar for bagpipes, carbombs, and shenanigans all night long!

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