Saturday, March 1, 2014

So The Exley Brothers Band, Curly Wolf, and FARTBARF walk into a bar ...

The Debut show of The Exley Brothers Band
Premier Excellence

 Keeps getting better and better and better and ... FUCK POP COUNTRY.

 Everybody remember; on April 1st 2014, FARTBARF will release their DIRTY POWER album onto the World (and the World will never be the same again)!

FARTBARF Josh crowd surfing the Hermosa Saloon...

The only downside to a rad show packed with 200 of your closest friends? 
Well, James is going to be leaving us for a while. 
He joined us at the first Escape To Hazzard County; he shot video, still photography (and really any of the good pictures from any Hazzard County, or inside any Lady Hump photog-book is probably a picture that he himself took...) back in 2012 and he'll be back one day, but we're going to miss you James! We love you Brother. out Florida.

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