Monday, March 24, 2014

Unicorn Bagger

It's not often you see a bagger in the fold of the Lady Hump, but I saw this one at the March LBCS and you know, I probably don't even have to describe why I took some pictures of it hu...? 

Functionality at it's best... I can appreciate the self made hard bag cover.

Additional Information:
Instagram has been responsible for the near-instant alert of stolen bikes (and in some cases recoveries) in the Los Angeles area... This last weekend, at the Long Beach Cycle Swap a 1976 Shovelhead was stolen (picture below with IG contact info). There's a lot of tips and deterrents online about preventing motorcycle theft, I suggest everyone evaluate their own situation and do what they can to prevent their own bike from being stolen.

Locks are not a 100% guarantee your bike wont be stolen. Oftentimes two or three big dudes can pick up a bike and toss it into the back of a low pickup, etc., regardless of any lock(s). But it can be a deterrent when parking your bike in areas where crooks, having to take the time to cut off locks prior to theft, may decide to pass on trying to steal your bike. It might not look "that's SO chopper" to have a big ugly lock on your bike, but at least you'll be able to ride it home instead of having to ride bitch on the back of a friends bike because yours got pinched.

Bike thieves suck ass, like a fat girl with a chocolate milkshake. Everyone carries a cell phone these days, so take a picture of your bike every time you park it and walk away. Carry your License plate and VIN info in your wallet (a lot of good it will do in a stash tube when your bikes missing...).

It takes a lot of balls to steal a bike from the LBCS, tons of people around, Long Beach cops at all the entrances, tons of staff on-hand. Someone saw something. If you were at the Sunday swap taking pictures in the parking lot, as tons of people were, and you find this bike amongst your photos (even if it's in the background) contact moonsmc (on IG) and get those photos to him. It may assist in the recovery!

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