Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It all happens on April 19th 2014, RISE ABOVE LOS ANGELES and WELCOME BACK JESUS

April 19th meet at Noon @ Gasser Lounge
Rise Above Los Angeles to the top of Mount Wilson.
Return to the Gasser before Midnight for the Welcome Back Jesus
No man knows the date and time of his triumphant return, 
but we know when he's visiting the Gasser!

Free "Cherub Angel" buttons

Free "Pee Wee the Baptist" buttons

Free BIGFOOT buttons? Why...???

Does Bigfoot live above Los Angeles?

Has he be instrumental in secretly directing Hollywood Cults?

Does he believe in Science?

Like Cain, the son of Adam and Eve, is Bigfoot forced to live apart from humanity above Los Angeles? A "Restless Wanderer on Earth" (Genesis 4:12)?

Did he really sleep with Mila Kunis?

Did he swim in your Altadena backyard pool and leave a ring of grime thick enough to grease a tractor trailer?

In Genesis 25:25 the Bible tells us, Esau was born covered with hair. His descendants, the Edomites may be that "missing link" people have been "In Search Of..." for decades, only to be found Above Los Angeles in these modern times? How convenient.

... and what would Bigfoot Ride?
A Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Harley? A big Chopper made by Pauly Sr.? Perhaps he's been riding right behind you the entire time on a small British Triumph from the 1970's?

You think he likes strippers on Sunset Blvd., or the ever willing home alone housewife at the bottom of the canyon? He probably wears disguises when he goes out... 

All of these QUESTIONS and MORE, 
can and will, 
be answered definitively,
April 19th meeting at Noon @ Gasser Lounge


and for those of you wet in the panties, "He has a pretty soft beard for you to run your fingers through too..."

Still not convinced?

You will be by Midnight...

Back from the Future, once again...

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