Sunday, April 6, 2014


Just a couple pics from Beerbreed gathering with friends to head off into the North Drinks With The South 3 Run!!! Fun times. More (actual ride pictures, camping pictures, embarrassing pictures, my long winded ramble) coming in a feature article for Chop Cult at a later time... sorry, you gotta wait.

Note: Never give The Gnome your camera to throw him onto the roof to take ariel shots for you, all he does is tongue dart the lens...

Burro Burro Burro, who's got the Donkey Meat?

A little bit of Hazzard County up at 24Cycles 

Speed King Steve fixing breaks. Breaks are good. They help you slow down, and stop, and stuff too. You do kinda need them, every once in a while, while riding your sweet chopper...

... and then there's this great picture of Mikey on the HD trainer at Landspeed Motorcycle Shop learning the ins-n-outs of how to properly operate a Harley Davidson motorcycle. When he was finished, his high score granted him a motorcycle endorsement: Novice Level (aka) "Lil' Sporty"