Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This SATURDAY... Star Wars De' Mayo at the galaxian famous Gasser Lounge

Star Wars de Mayo at the Gasser Lounge happens this Saturday.
The RIDE meets at 3pm.
The Party doesn't stop until MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU and we destroy the 2nd Death Star... and even then the party over not it is!
Costume Contest PRIZE: $100 bar tab courtesy of Tequila Corralejo
JUDGES will be Mikey and Allen
Extra Points for originality and enthusiasm!

Come watch Yawnny Cash dance the night away with loose (albeit hot) Ewoks!

Have drunken Mongo Fett's stuff toy guns in your Jedi Robes!

And don't be afraid to mash it up! This isn't a some strict hipster club where we measure the angle of your glasses to ensure you're square enough to come in... Mix your Mexican in your Star Wars and we'll melt that sandwich like a Carne Asada Patty Melt!

The Death Star Pinata for this years Star Wars de Mayo is once again filled with your take home hand painted Lady Hump sugar skulls... if you're lucky enough to grab one when the ball drops at midnight ushering in "May The Fourth Be With You" and we obliterate the 2nd Death Star!
(midnight equals May FOURTH ... you get it right?)

Are we riding in our costumes?
"Paying attention you have not been..."

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