Monday, April 21, 2014

This year's RISE ABOVE LOS ANGELES Ride (pics.2)

So yeah, Bigfoot was hanging out at the top of Mount Wilson and heard all the motorcycle roll up. He wandered over and started yelling at us for disturbing his quiet mountain retreat. We offered him a beer and things turned from "I'll kill you all and eat your brains for breakfast" to "Hey, Your women smell pretty good?" Bigfoot says he was just stone cold chillin' getting away from what he described as a cubicle coma... where you spend all week at work, then when the weekend comes you sit around the house too tired to get out and do something fun... Something like that but with having nothing to eat every day but bark, berries, and raw fish?

 He wanted to know how it was, we all came to come up here today and we explained, "We ride motorcycles." He thought about it long and hard... then with a roar, he proclaimed the Lady Hump was good!!! 

He took pictures with us all and told us how his work included having to travel around, usually working at nights, with little fanfare or reward, and keep all the mythical creatures in the forest from wandering too far... and he was also tasked with cleaning up all their poop. Bigfoot's life isn't as glamorous as you might have suspect.

It's not what it looks like... or is it?

Bigfoot gave everyone a sniff over before he was convinced that we really meant him no harm and getting him drunk was our way of welcoming him to our little group of like minded individuals. He said the last person who tried to get him drunk claimed he was from a Hollywood and that he was In Search Of him... but kept trying to give him the "Spocker" and he was like all "No way pointy ears..."

It wasn't long before we convinced him that he should probably come back down the mountain with us and visit the bar... so that's exactly what we did. Threw him on the back of a bike and rode him straight back to the Gasser Lounge!

The Angeles Crest Highway

He said the Woodland Fairies never partied like this... 
we replied, "Of course not ...this is Our Speciality."
( you know what they say about big hands right? )

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