Sunday, April 20, 2014

This year's RISE ABOVE LOS ANGLES Ride (pics.1)

It's the irony of living on the beach in Los Angeles, it's beautiful and the weather is perfect all year long, but to get out of it, you've got to make a trek in any direction. This year's Easter inducing Welcome Back Jesus party at the Gasser Lounge started with everyone leaving town... to Rise Above Los Angeles in an attempt to get just a little closer to Jesus before his triumphant return (which later occurred at midnight at the Gasser Lounge... what a strange coincidence?)

Mount Wilson is the perfect example of getting above it all, roughly 50 miles to the top of the mountain from the bar, it's long enough to just make you want a little more. But once you're above it all, you realize you're really no longer "in" the city below which on a clear day (unfortunately, not this day) you can see Mexico to the South and Oregon to the North (that's not true, but you can see a while lot)(at least I imagine you can, but it's so smoggy every time we've rode up, all I can see are the tops of brown clouds and if you squint your eyes really tight, you can see those little tiny sky scrapers of downtown L.A. peak through the toast colored air)...

"Whoa. There's a blue sky up here..." Yep.

Did I forget to mention we found Bigfoot on the top of Mount Wilson ....

... and yes, He did come to party.

(more pics coming)

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