Saturday, May 3, 2014

All Systems Go... STAR WARS DE MAYO


May 3rd. Yeah, we've managed to mash it up this year pretty good. The cantina (Gasser Lounge) is set and the ride will launch after 3pm, and since we're experience expected perfect weather we're taking the ride up the coast! There's no better place to cruise when it's 100 degree in the ghettos than to roll up the coast...
There's probably more (that I'm forgetting) but I'll try... $100 BEST costume prize for Mexican themed Star Wars costume (thank you Tequila Corralejo), winner picked by Mikey and Allen after the ride when we have a group of contestants. FREE shop rags and buttons for the first 50 riders, the Death Star Pinata is filled with my hand painted Imperial Sugar Skulls (not real sugar), Mexican Candy, Patches, Shirts, more... the Kings game starts at 5pm, there'll be a flurry worse than on Hoth when the kings score!, the ride should be back by the middle of the 2nd period...? Limited quantities of our Anaheim Fucks shirts $20. at the Bar. I know I'm forgetting something? The 9 foot Vader perhaps? Yeah him too, he'll be there!

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