Friday, May 23, 2014

Flashback Friday... "Remember that one time those guys at Biltwell rented out the Ski Resort for a Chopper Swap Meet?"

"You (probably) didn't even know what a Sportster was in 2008?" Well, I haven't posted some old* pics in a while, so here's a flashback friday post for you all...

Yeah, it was hot as hell on that day too. Mountain High Ski Resort in Wrightwood, CA located in the hot as hell San Gabriel Mountains. Pretty much forgotten history now (even the website is gone) but the team over at Biltwell Inc., put on one kick ass Swap Meet "Chop Meet" at a location worth riding too. I remember my bald head getting a good sunburn that day. I think everyone got kicked out of the local bar after the chop meet too, but that's a story for another person to tell.

(p.s., that's a Sportster-done-right)

* not that 2008 really qualifies as old, but in the current historical sense, the resurgence of the "chopper" scene(sters)(etc., etc.) in modern times, 2008 is about half way back to when the popularity egg burst open and the chickens started fucking. "Sick Bobber, Bro!"

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