Friday, May 16, 2014

HEAT WAVE in SoCal and we crank the Oven on HIGH!

So it's been over 100+ degrees around most (if not all) parts of Southern California so we decided that meant we need to do our part and make it just a little hotter, so we took a cue and cranked the screen conveyor oven onto high (I'll say "high" but really, there's only ON and OFF...) Here's some new and re-issued designs now available in the LADY HUMP STORE as always, prices include shipping, stickers, buttons, and a screened shop rag thrown in for good measure. "Oh you went to the beach? That's nice. We did something productive."

Newest in our "Sixxxer" series selection, the GET SIXXXED. Believing from the first time I met him in High School, that in fact, Georg Albert Ruthenberg, aka you better know who he is... is a space alien either on or secreting hallucinogenic drugs to those around him, you should be able to appreciate this one. Probably get a cease and disest letter from some lawyer representing his contractual agreements with a record company for using his name here, but whatever. If Cambell Soup can't sue Andy Wormhole for painting hipster glasses on the Marilyn Monroe, then what's to worry about?

And letting all you Skater Boys know what's really up... in both White OR Red.

In stock again, everyones favorite 

Got more Mediums in stock, for some reason all you Medium shirt wear'ers gotta Ride the Daughters...? CRFyou knows what's up!

Next to nothing left in the original SIXXXER, better act fast.

"What a sham of a plug to sling some shirts...."
Gotta follow your passion, I love screening it "old school" so be it! Let's melt some plastic.

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