Sunday, May 4, 2014

It's MAY the 4th, time to destroy the Death Star Pinata!

Midnight broke in May the 4th and the destruction of the Death Star Pinata'

Costume Contest entrants at the Gasser Lounge, Star Wars de Mayo ride and party, but let's get some ride pictures under our belt... 

It was sweltering hot in Los Angeles, and as much as I wanted to ride downtown for tacos and tecates in celebration of the Mex-Wing Pilot costume, jumpsuit sewn by Amused Muse and helmet painted by Tranchula Claw Lincoln. But instead we veered off course in the direction of the cool winds on Planet Neptune. The eighth and farthest planet from the sun. Neptune was the first planet found by mathematical "prediction", rather than by "empirical" observation. Sounds to me like it was found using the "force" instead of just an Imperial Stardestroyer out mapping navigation star routes...  they also serve a pretty killer shrimp boat there.

Who got the Princess pregnant... again?

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