Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ryan's 72, Fat's Noriega Survivor

Fat's Noriega Survivor 1972 Ironhead

So about a year ago, our friend Ryan heard about a guy looking to sell a bike that's been sitting in the back of a garage covered in a moth eaten dust covered blanket (illustration added for colorful storytelling), somewhere in the South Bay since 1979. That's (for you younglings) before Ronald Regan was President. Before John Lennon was shot and killed. And before Devo adopted their Utopian Boy Scout Uniform look complete with the "new traditionalist pomp." 
Yeah, so probably about the time you were born, this bike had already been stashed. What kind of bike was it? "I dunno. Some kind of Harley..?"  
Turns out, it was a Fat's Noriega build, purchased somewhere near 1972 (presumably from) Sportster's Haven, had a new front end put on in 1974, and (as stated) parked since '79. 
Needless to say, Ryan snatched it up and began the long process of restoring it. Some of it's just to priceless to change, and it's functionality still intact, so why change it. A year or so passes fast and this bike is now Ryan's daily commuter. When you see him rolling to work along PCH and home everyday, know you're looking at the real deal.

3 spoke nipples wrapped in (what appears to be) copper wire and covered with something to hold it together.

Original rear hub lock-bar, with original keys.

There's not a lot of info on Fat's Sportster Haven / Fat's Noriega out there, but there's some if you look.

from MCart Webzine

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spuddley said...

That's really cool, there.

In 1979 I was 2 years out of Bullard High School in Fresno, and tending bar in north Georgia. I drank a lot, and I rode motorcycles a lot.


And thank you very much for posting all of the great pics of this great survivor.