Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fats Noriega 20th Annual Memorial Run (pt.4) Goofin' Off in Camp

One thing Cowboy Greg wanted was a picture of all of us hanging out, so we picked a secluded woodland area and stood in the middle of a brook. Who took the photo? There were some squatters living off the grid under a bridge that we surprised and bound to do our bidding.

Naked Rob put to work
Chop that wood and make it look sexy...

It can get warm chopping wood. Better take your cut off Son.

So do Unicorns dream of Electric Narwhals?

I suppose that they do.
* watermark for the eventual person who steals this picture... 

Who wants to play Tickle Me Elmo? 

... real warm

Who wants to play Picnic Table Jazz Charades*
(* every character, creature, or animal you try to impersonate has to incorporate the use of Jazz Hands)

I realize this post has nothing to do with the Memorial Run, but you know what, we try to keep it light and fun. If that's not period correct enough for you, I humbly apologize and will try to keep the white gloves on. Maybe you'd be happier visiting a cafe racer blog instead? Just a thought.

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