Sunday, June 22, 2014

June at the Long Beach Cycle Swap (1)

 Back in the day' I used to shoot a lot of bikes at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. Over the course of a few years my attention span either grew or shrunk maybe, sometimes this venue sucks balls and sometimes it rocks. Maybe because Born Free is coming, there's more out-of-towners getting an erection? But I was able to walk the lot today and the cool bike to horrid accessorized plastic-chromed money trap was skewed to my favor. So for the next few says I'll just be posting some cool pics like this little shovel below. Reminds me of Hang Ten shirts my mom used to buy me as a kid...

The ratio is usually 1/50, but today felt like a solid 1/30... big numbers in my world. And sweet Shovel. The paint attracts the eye, but it's the seat that fits the lines of this bike and wrap it up in a cosmic little bow!

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