Thursday, June 26, 2014

June at the Long Beach Cycle Swap (5)

"Diane. 9:30 AM. Entering the town of Long Beach. Twelve miles South East of the Gasser Lounge. Slightly overcast day. Breakfast was $14.95. I had the tuna fish omelet with whole wheat toast. Coffee. Black. Slice of Cherry Pie. Damn good food... "

I'll bet you 9 out of 10 Sportster owners think Gary Cooper was an FBI agent investigating the death of Laura Palmer....


High Noon Classics

Admit it. The lock ruins a good pictures, but in this age of "another bike stolen" on Instagram, this cheap solution keeps fucking thieves from just putting it in neutral and pushing it away. If you value your bike, don't worry about how it looks sitting in the lot. Bike thieves should be given the same as Rinaldo Pazzi "...bowels out."

Blogs are like Harold Llyod...
they're better when they're silent.


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