Sunday, June 8, 2014

* KIT *

Kit didn't paint this nuclear explosion, but it symbolizes the power of his brush stroke!!!

 Most of you know Kit. Even if you don't, and you've followed this blog or been to a Hazzard County campout, or an Elusive Unicorn, you've seen his work. And if it wasn't for this blog, he might just keep his talents hidden to himself... but let's put him on blast once again. Here's a BILTWELL Gringo he's painting for CRFyou (as a tribute to his own grandfather) that's just out of this world... how cliche' right? But it's soooooo awesome!!!

Here's a quick interview I made up with Kit... 
Lady Hump; So how long have you been painting for?
Kit; A very long time. Since I was a really small  kid. My Dad's a professional cartoonist and I started when I was sitting on his lap shortly after I was born.
Lady Hump; Really? That's cool. So how did you get into painting and pin stripping and stuff like that? 
Kit; Well there was a time when that's all I did for a living. I was a sign painter for the city of xxxxx xxxxxx and when they did away with that position, I just kept doing it in my spare time. 
Lady Hump; So what do you do for a living now.
Kit; Oh, I'm still a painter for the City, only now I paint everything instead of just the signs.
Lady Hump; So you're still kinda that one guy, who does rad shit, but who doesn't promote your own painting?
Kit; That's because I'm too busy working and painting.
Lady Hump; That's right. You're painting all the Biltwell helmets for this years Escape To Hazzard County camping trip.
Kit; That's what I'm told.
Lady Hump; So get back to work. You've already spent enough time jaw jacking and those helmets aren't going to paint themselves so lets put a little hustle in the muscle!
Kit; I thought you wanted an interview?
Lady Hump; This interview is over!!!

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