Friday, June 13, 2014

The HIGH FIVE RIDE, Saturday June 28th

The Gasser Lounge 5 year anniversary celebration is all weekend long June 27-28-29th!!! But we'll still take a jaunt out to BornFree 6 on Saturday only for a few hours, take some pictures, hug some bros, hang out with our good friends from Jakalope Trade Shop (more on that later). If you wanna roll with us, you're always welcome to. Have your Lowbrow fastpass for Saturday so you can coast in with all of us. Studs park on the grass, no pass and you park on the dirt. I'm making a limited run of FREE "High Five Ride" shop rags (you know it) for the riders who meet at the Gasser KSU TIME IS TBA. Other than that, plan your weekend wisely; we're going to rock and roll, it's up to you if you wanna be part of it.

...and you should already know what happens on Sunday. I don't wanna hear how a.) your bike isn't ready, b.) you have to baby sit a god damn Cat, c.) your mother-in-law is coming to town that weekend and you have to go antiquing, d.) you "all of a sudden" have to work that weekend, e.) you already spent all your money... at the Karaoke bar or some Bowling BS! blah blah blah, keep it to yourself couch potato...

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