Thursday, July 3, 2014

Born Free (1/20)

 I'm going to keep a steady stream of Born Free 6 bikes on the blog over the next 20 days. There's going to be a lot left over so I'll decide how to share them after that, I mean no one really gets tired of looking at bike photos but I also don't want to overwhelm your senses and cause some seizures to occur...

And a note of obviousness; I take most of my pictures in the parking lot (or in this case, the grass)(and I didn't even make it out to the dirt parking areas), as I was saying, because I'm a fan of the ridden bikes more so than the bikes built for the show. Sure, they're cool too, perfect and sparkly and all chromed up, but don't get your panties in a twist. I did take pictures of the builders bikes, but my heart will always be in the parking lots.

Please ignore the Portapottietopia in the backgrounds. I'll try to keep them minimized whenever possible.

Cheers to this fucker rocking the GASSER LOUNGE sticker on his lid!

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