Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hardley Davidson is thinking small... and spun by a fucking retard

The spin machine is at full speed boogie with Hardley Davidson's new Street 500s and 750s, except the dance hall is filled with sheep and four legged domesticated animals cant dance a two step without tripping over their own dicks and falling face first in the dirt. On July 5th, the Los Angeles Times ran an article praising the new "stripped down, basics bike. Harley's in the purest, barest, most accessible form." What a load...

If you need to vomit here's a link to the original online article HERE

I wont tear the article limb from limb, which would be very very easy to do, but I'll give two or three "Highlights of Stupidity" allegedly attributed from or to Hardley Davidson Motor Co., President and Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Levatich (who in my opinion has as much honesty, brains, and integrity as a pile of dog shit. At least by the way the LA Times article made him appear. And I know, this isn't a real article, this is soundbites sent to all newspapers in a press release and some clever chap putting it together in a reader friendly format, but wholly mammoth shit does it stink up in here...)

The best quote:
Levatich "We introduced electric fuel injection a few years ago and now we have no carburetors on any of our motorcycles. Today, believe me, no is asking me 'can you make it so my bike doesn't start when I want to ride it? Nobody is asking me that."

No shit? Really. You're a fucking genius Levatich. But what exactly are they asking you? How much more money can I give the MoCo for factory service on a bike I can't garage repair easily or a computer chip I can replace on the side of the road.

Another beauty:
Levatich "Our dealer attitude was,' Finally What took you guys so long?"

Yeah.... riiiiiight. Goose stepping all the way from the Annual Stealership Convention. Let's have another moral boosting chorus of "Who lets the dogs out? Who! Who! Who!... Who let the dogs out? Who! Who! Who! GO HARLEY!!!" ... serious, please. Go.

But don't worry America. None of this is really FOR you. You're nothing more than the traveled road and the MoCo is setting it's sights on distant horizons " certain Asian countries."

The new bikes (starting at $7,499 what????) are part of the company's push to attract new riders and build a new generation of Harley owners who wouldnt' be caught dead on a chopper. 

Now, that is some funny shit right there. Good luck Hardley Davidson, just remember Honda already did this in the 1960's so you're not too far behind their thought processes. You might even be able to hire some of their knowledgeable former employees (if they're not already dead from old age)?


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