Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sportster's Ruin along the Cliffs of Moher

So last night at the Gasser Lounge we unveiled the Sportster's Ruin bike build. But last week we took her on a maiden voyage (when I shot these pics) test run up the Cliffs of Moher, as you all know from our annual Shamruckus rides is actually Palos Verdes, but we like to church things up a bit and translated "green sticks" is a boring name, kinda hillbilly, but still stupid. So we call the cliffs along the sea the Clifs of Moher. We also call Compton "Hoochie Sweet Hoochie" so go figure. A couple shout outs for those who had their dicks in the punch bowl helping stir this build; Sailor Jerry for intoxicants, Top of Drain for his magmatic math skill and garage expertize, Shack Cycles lined our seat pan, Drag Bars by Zombie Performance, Hardtail by Slims Fab, Controls from Lowbrow Customs, and Salvage donor by Safari Cycle Salvage, Long Beach. Paint by Wuss Army Kit, holy keeper of the Magical Potato Tree (he waters it once a week in preparation of the next Ruckus Ride).

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