Sunday, August 31, 2014

Down to the last four copies of our initial 2010 issue (available only in this set of four)

When these FOUR sets of our Overdose Collection are gone, that's it! We're not reprinting the original 2010 issue... and that's all folks!


I'll save one set for the HAZZARD COUNTY RAFFLE so someone's going home with a pleasure chest treasure trove of solid gold (sometimes tarnished) photography!

... buuuuuttttt, I suppose you could still try eBay in ten or twenty years. 

Pictures from the MUGU ROCK RUN 2014

Random pictures from the 2014 Mugu Rock Run from the Gasser Lounge to the Ventura Nationals.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Next week outside of Sweet Home OREGON...

September 5th and 6th 

From the website; "No Tickets Required! Just show up with yourself, your ride, and everything you will need to survive camping over the weekend. We are 20 miles out of town so it will be a little bit of a trip if you forget anything.

Were Bringing a bunch of beer and munchies but you'll need to be prepared to feed yourself if you are the type that requires more than chips and hot dogs. We made the decision to open up the event to any one that wanted to show up and reduce the work load of ourselves so we can enjoy the event with everyone else.

Raffle tickets will be available at the show so bring CASH. We have a huge amount of awesome prizes to raffle off this year including 2 Motorcycles!!!"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 30th, KSU 9am, MUGU ROCK RUN to the Ventura Nationals

August 30th 2014
Gasser Lounge / Meet 8:00 AM
KSU 9:00 AM
PCH to the Ventura Nationals

Free shop rags for the first 50 riders compliments of your friendly neighborhood Lady Hump!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lady Hump is boothing the VVMC Rally September 13th, Venice, CA.

It's not often we booth something and decide to make a line of exclusive swag just for that event... but we're doing it this time! There'll be a small assortment of Lady Hump and Gasser Lounge shirts for sale exclusive for this event, at the September 13th, 2014, 11-6pm, Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally. Live Music, Beer Gardens, Bike Raffle, etc. We'll also have refreshments on hand.

There will also be a group riding from the Gasser Lounge at 10AM that morning if you're interested.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Custom Shop Rags Screened and Dyed to your order

Haven't offered these before but I'm already making some for a few people and will open this up for a limited time for anyone else (US orders only) interested. Free US shipping. More info here >>>

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Interview with Alan Stedman, the man behind the Escape To Hazzard County HAZZARD BUZZARDS

Alan Stedman Interview up on the Hazzard County website as part of our continuing effort to recognize those working behind the scenes and "in the mud" of making this yearly pie known as a slice of heaven in an otherwise wicked world


just a sample of Alan's work. More pictures on the Hazzard County webpage or visit his site at

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dave from Fabrication Underground on the road to the CHEAP-O CHOP OFF 2014

Here's a little interview I did with my good friend Dave from Fabrication Underground. I took the family on a summer vacation and we stayed at his pad for a couple of days over in Eugene Oregon. Gave us time to shoot the shit, shove some beer cans up some chickens butts and talk about all things Cheap-O Chop Off.

1.) We see FABRICATION UNDERGROUND as one of the major players in Oregon's "Cheap-O Chop Off"along with Zombie Performance, can you tell me a little about the first cheapo chop off... when was it, where, attendance, activities...?

Well let's see, the first one was last year on the property behind a friends house. We had high hopes of having 200cc and under races but lack of prep and other variables we spent the weekend riding around locally and camping in the fields surrounding the house. There was a small group of us, about 16. Lots of great raffle prizes were handed out from some of the best & nicest people in the biz (yourself included). Great food and beer! We have lots of pics and a little video Stan the Man from Washington put together for us at, check it out.

2.) In planning this years event, what kind of major changes are there going to be?

The Chop Off seems to be an evolving event, yes this year a new location, prepping for a larger attendance, and all the beautiful surroundings (rivers, lakes, mtns.) that come with it. We will be feeding everyone too! "Surprise Menu" is what I'm calling it but Lacey Severson is in charge of the Kitchen this year. 

3.) Tell me a little about this years location

The new location is Fernview Campground about 20 miles east of Sweet Home Oregon off state route 20 in the Willamette National Forest. We have reserved the whole campground for the weekend of Sept. 5-7th. There is room for 80, at least that's the limit they have set at that site. The S. Santiam river is right next/below the site so getting clean wont be a problem. A couple of lakes about half hour ride away, Cascade Mountains just a short ride to the east. 

4.) There's a ton of "old" relic motorcycles garaged in Eugene (where FU is located) what's keeping these riders from throwing ragers like BF or the David Mann Chopperfest?

There are a couple of events each summer here but more "parade" like events. I don't know for sure, maybe I ride alone too much.... 

Beer Can Chicken dinner

5.) Is there a motorcycle bar in Eugene? There must be rider clubs and groups but where and when do they get together en mass?

If there is one, some please tell me! there are places where people that ride motorcycles go to, but no single known-as-a-motorcycle bar has taken root yet. You guys down there are so lucky to have the Gasser Lounge! Eugene has a ton of motorcycles. Spend any time riding around town and you're going to cross paths with dozens of them... why there isn't a larger chopper or just organized "motorcycle" scene here is beyond me. There's plenty of "Shine and Show" meets at dealerships, but really what's the difference between them and the showroom floor?

6.) You also own a pretty sweet van (what year/model is it?) and you're familiar with the resurgence popularity of Vanning? Does you Eugene have any Van clubs or Vanning get togethers? Are you incorporating Vans into the Cheap-O Chop Off?

Do you mean  'Deep Green' ? She's a 1976 Chevy 10 shorty, straight 6, rear bubble windows. I camp with her and haul m/c's too so she's bare on the inside except for a couch bed I swap in and out. I'm down with the resurgence! I grew up loving vans and proud to be a  part of it. Although I'm not in it the Vantoms V.C. is out of Portland I think and they put on a cool get together called Black Mass. 
There are probably more up in Portland that I don't know about (i don't know much!). Yes, Cheap-O Chop Off is %100 van friendly. Don't want to ride, come out in your van or just bring your m\c in it so you'll be able to cruise the backwoods with us when we take off on some rides.

7.) Anything else you can think of we might need to know from your neck of the woods up in Eugene Oregon?

If your coming , bring (ride) what ya got. Everything in Eugene is on 8th and Willamette, even if it's not (that's just a joke because I kept asking where places were and the location just kept being referred to as 8th and Willamette, even though nothing I was asking for was actually located on 8th and Williamette). look out for bigfoot, or is that fartbarf on stilts?!?! Yabba Dabba Doo, Nanu Nanu, over and out! 

Interesting in attending? For more information on this years (September 5th & 6th, 2014) CHEAP-O CHOP OFF visit the blog HERE

I also have a interview with Steffan from ZOMBIE PERFORMANCE you can read over on the Escape To Hazzard County Blog HERE

Get your Jay's Shirt HERE

This is a pretty "interesting" incident if you've been following the news, but the chance of you buying a shirt only lasts for a few days. These are pre-order only limited edition one time only shirts I'm willing to make for you because the mere fact that you'll be able to wear this to the bar is priceless if Jay Wischman shows up!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Everything Went Braaap !!!

Everything Went Braaap
Don't you just love how wonky Raymond's grip looks like it's totally throttling down?!?

Back in town. Will be catching up on all shop orders and everything Hazzard today.

(L-R) David, Lacey, and Steffan
Thanks for the memories!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


~ Labor Day Weekend ~

August 30th 2014 (Saturday) is the annual Lady Hump / Gasser Lounge MUGU ROCK RUN to the Ventura Nationals. We're meeting at 8AM / KSU 9AM from the Gasser Lounge, 1500 Aviation Blvd. Redondo Beach, CA., riding up PCH 88'sunny coastal miles to the Ventura County Fairgrounds! We're going to rock n' roll, it's up to you if you want to be part of it. 
FREE screened shop rags for the first 50 riders.

Monday, August 11, 2014

"Yeah, a Flare would have been... nice!"

This is our boy Jay! Great job Jay at getting those ladies back to shore... SORRY FOR THE COMMERCIAL BEFORE THE SHOW!

(If you've been to the Gasser or at the last Hazzard County (2), then you might know our good friend Jay Wischman who's a card and a half... and (evidently) a nautical sea Captain too. We're glad he and the "ladies" are safe and sound, fore it could have been disasterous otherwise... but now is the time for ribbing and verbal abuse!


Last week we were invited to a Sunday-Funday hangout at the Catacombs Garage in Williamsburg. It's a nice little working garage space for some local builders about a stone's throw away from Indian Larry's front door. Cozy space with plenty of tools and storage, a kitchen and a bathroom - as much as any Brooklyn garage wrencher could want. The neighbors hate us, of course. (their wifi name is Death_To_All_Motorcyclists, the yuppie passive-aggression is REAL) But, as far as the neighborhood goes, it's close to everything and it's a really chill spot to wrench and have a cold one. I could definitely see spending another sunny day out here. 

Obligatory Ladyhump Sporty photo

Friday, August 8, 2014


It's a simple run, from the Gasser Lounge up PCH all the way to the Ventura Nationals* show at the Ventura Fairgrounds. We'll meet at the Gasser Lounge (1500 Aviation Blvd., Redondo Beach, CA) 8:00 AM and KSU promptly at 9:00 AM. We'll shoot out to Santa Monica, hit Pacific Coast Highway, stop at Mugu Rock for a group shot, and tool it to the Ventura Fairgrounds (10 W Harbor Blvd, Ventura, CA) for the show. As always, everyone's welcome**, ride at your own pace, we all know where we're ending up!

More info on the MEET location or the EVENT location below:

* At the time I posted this, I couldn't find any info on how much it costs to park or get into the show...???
** the Gasser Lounge is 21/over.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Brooklyn Invitational 2014

It's happening again! The Brooklyn Invitational has just been announced for this year - September 20th, 2014. Builder List to be released imminently! Stay tuned....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lady Hump has the "Helping Hands" you need...

So you're stuck in a dreary dead end job in an exciting and growing high tech field? You can put a positive spin on just about any job application summary... 
"I haven't had a good bowl movement in days... let's go get some coffee?"
(you think quietly to yourself, "I'd rather shoot myself in the face... then smell you fart for one more day, but I've got a Sportster payment due next week.")

Or how about a job in the exciting field(s) of the "Green Revolution" (once you're elbows deep in it, you'll realize it's just a churched up "brown" revolution) naturally filtered coffee industry? Sure, there's prolonged exposure to sophisticated filtering agents (i.e., crap) but the taste is "simply irresistible" (que Robert Palmer)

Take a break from your shit career and take a walk on the wild side with these upcoming Lady Hump sponsored events across the country... there's one close enough to you and you might even win some sweet Lady Hump swag to wipe your hands off after a long day of toiling through the crap your boss gives you. Don't be that guy who complains "there's never anything to do"... or "I wish it was closer to me..." There's plenty to do, but you have to leave the house to do it!

August 16 & 17th
Kennebunkport, Maine

Sept. 5th & 6th
(near) Sweet Home, Oregon

Sept. 13th
Winfield, Alabama

Sniiiiffffffffffff..... "I smell my dead husband Mr. Jumbo!!!! Why do you smell like Mr. Jumbo white woman???????"

Man, and you expected this blog to grow up one day and be serious? We're getting dumber and dumber and it's too late to get off of this ride. Pish Posh...