Saturday, August 2, 2014

Escape... it's not just a fragrance for men

 It's time to start mixing notes at Hazzard County and shooin' out the Riff Raff...

The top notes are eucalyptus, melon, Sailor Jerry's rum and juniper. The mid notes are sage, Curly Wolf, cypress, birch and Fartbarf. Base notes are sandalwood, oakmoss and sarcasm.

Love Potion #01
Brand it Hazzard County
Subliminal Serendipity
Beau Loves Luke
Adonis DNA

... Stay Trashy Hazzard County

I'll be borrowing time from the LadyHump over the next few months as I begin heavy petting with Gasser Lounge in getting this years Hazzard County ready. "If you thought last year was fun..." then I've already said enough. You know we got this.

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