Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lady Hump has the "Helping Hands" you need...

So you're stuck in a dreary dead end job in an exciting and growing high tech field? You can put a positive spin on just about any job application summary... 
"I haven't had a good bowl movement in days... let's go get some coffee?"
(you think quietly to yourself, "I'd rather shoot myself in the face... then smell you fart for one more day, but I've got a Sportster payment due next week.")

Or how about a job in the exciting field(s) of the "Green Revolution" (once you're elbows deep in it, you'll realize it's just a churched up "brown" revolution) naturally filtered coffee industry? Sure, there's prolonged exposure to sophisticated filtering agents (i.e., crap) but the taste is "simply irresistible" (que Robert Palmer)

Take a break from your shit career and take a walk on the wild side with these upcoming Lady Hump sponsored events across the country... there's one close enough to you and you might even win some sweet Lady Hump swag to wipe your hands off after a long day of toiling through the crap your boss gives you. Don't be that guy who complains "there's never anything to do"... or "I wish it was closer to me..." There's plenty to do, but you have to leave the house to do it!

August 16 & 17th
Kennebunkport, Maine

Sept. 5th & 6th
(near) Sweet Home, Oregon

Sept. 13th
Winfield, Alabama

Sniiiiffffffffffff..... "I smell my dead husband Mr. Jumbo!!!! Why do you smell like Mr. Jumbo white woman???????"

Man, and you expected this blog to grow up one day and be serious? We're getting dumber and dumber and it's too late to get off of this ride. Pish Posh...

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spuddley said...

"Man, and you expected this blog to grow up one day and be serious? "

Thank the Sporterized Unicorn Gawdz that that ("that that"? Yup,; prolly grammatically correct, too.) has not happened!