Friday, August 1, 2014

Ride to "The Manor" - Upstate NY

Last weekend we had the privilege of being invited to our friend's new country place of rest and respite - something he calls "The Manor", up in the Hudson Valley in upstate NY. We got a chance to stop off in Sloatsburg, NY for the Rhodes Tavern biker bar and try those famous hamburgers. After an epic meal, we hit the road and made our way up to the Manor. Friday night was all about getting there, getting off the bikes and getting drinks. Saturday we spent the whole day at the swimming hole, and that evening we had a meal worthy of royalty. I snapped a few pics along the way. Check 'em out below! 

Rhodes Tavern

time to break out the whites

The Manor


Brandon (Death or Victory) and Sami under the willow tree

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