Monday, September 15, 2014

Everyone's heard of Dick Allen, but did you know he had a Daughter ?

Sturgis 2014

South Bay local Steve Sharp was parked with a friend in Sturgis when a woman rolled by and eyeballed the two South Bay Choppers that were parked along main street. She flipped a U-turn and rolled up to where the bikes were parked taking a long look at the typical South Bay style chopper that was common place 30 years ago in cities like Redondo Beach, Torrance, San Pedro, and the list of course goes on. Rarely seen today, although some would argue that, the fact remains these two bikes immediately grabbed her attention and for good reason. It's easy to see through "influenced" bikes v. the real deals. So Steve and his friend Robert, started talking to her. Things quickly became apparent.

It turns out this slender blond is named Darcey (not positive on the spelling of her name)(top photo) and is the daughter of none other than Dick Allen. They lived back east, and Dick Allen left when she was but a Junior in High School, moving out west. She had, like many others, seen the bikes her Dad (and others at the time) had been making "Out West" and wanted to know more... Well, when Steve introduced himself, she recognized the name. They continued to talk and she brought up the name Joe Hurst. Steve whips out his phone and gives Joe a ring right there on the spot. They talk (not text... but talk on the phone together) for a bit, and it's decided that there really needs to be a trip made out west to meet the people she's heard (and read) so much about from yesteryear.

It turns out there's about four birthday parties due for some of the "old dogs" and it's decided to wrap them all up in a meet and greet party with Darcey! So Darcey got a chance this last weekend to meet with some of the "old dogs" that rolled with Dick Allen back in the day.

Had Darcey of not stopped to check out the two bikes parked in Sturgis that day and started asking the right questions, she may have very well missed the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the "crew" that used to know and love her Dad so well (and now their own grown children too). I'm sure Dick was there in spirit smiling and saying thanks to his "Boys of the Road" for opening their home and welcome arms to his daughter.

L-R; Unknown, Chris Kallas, Fat Lou (aka Fat Dog), and the Loveable Randy! 

He's got more old photos from "back in the day" posted then you'd expect, plus he's got the tenure of being one of the oldest blogs still going strong. Thumbs up Chris!    ~Lady Hump)

Walls of History

Submission by Mike Torres, any transcript misprints are the direct fault of the Lady Hump. Pictures by Mike Torres.

Ed notes: In this modern age of "digital" photography, how many 8x10 prints do you develop and frame anymore? Not many likely. Sometimes history, let alone "chopper" history fades faster than the disappearance of your favorite Instagram account. They say everything you ever post on the Internet never leaves, but it certainly gets lost somewhere in the matrix not likely to be seen again. Other things disappear slowly over time... stories of the legends and stories of the regular Joe's who left tire-tracks and beer cans long before you twisted a throttle should be shared whenever possible.

And for those of you who, by or for whatever reason, still don't know who Dick Allen was...