Monday, September 1, 2014

Greetings from Germany!

I got a email from Butcher out of Germany who asked if the Lady Hump would share his event flyers for his upcoming 1000 Hills Run. Lady Hump is "mostly" a regional blog and doesn't (necessarily) try to cover many areas outside of Southern California (and sometimes New York with Jay McJay covering our annex HQ on the East Coast) but when I saw some of the pictures of what's going on over on his blog, I thought, "yeah, I better share this cause it looks like a really good time is being had!" Check out the torches and camping along the tree line (below)... that looks killer! I want to camp along that tree line!!! Cheers Butcher.

Blog link below. If you're anywhere near Germany mid-September, you'll want to make this happen.

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