Sunday, September 14, 2014

Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally 2014

Took a ton of pictures at yesterday's VVMC 2014 Rally!
Let's see, across the country is was a pretty damn nice day, Savannah was 91, Boston 67, Shreveport 68 (i'll bet that was mooggy), and Venice CA came in at a near perfect non-summer-summer day at 93. Everybody wear a black t-shirt! Ha ha. Great times at the Venice Vintage Motorcycle Rally. Pics all week long of motorcycles and related tom-foolery.

Curly Wolf getting ready to do their thing!

Holf youf breaff...

That's a one finger hello wave! 
"Would have been nice to wave your whole hand..."

Had some hand painted H/C Wuss Army KIT, Biltwell helmets on display at the LADY HUMP booth.

Our resident Distiller discussing the shine of the moon over Hazzard County this year... if you mix up your words you'll know.

Just cute.

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