Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ventura Nationals

The Ventura Nationals is a classic car show that (I believe) has changed names (and possibly) owners over the last decade, but still provides the perfect opportunity to ride up the coast. It does have a selection of motorcycle entries, but don't expect something like David Mann or a Born Free to be there...

I'd say if anything might be changed, put the limited amount of bikes that show up in a different area. Curbing them along main street might give them more exposure, but doesn't exactly showcase them. Not to mention (my largest pet peeve in the world*) having to strategically position myself to avoid capturing a trash can in the shot... which obviously I failed miserably in doing so above. A line of bikes or a center corral inside the/a main hall might just do the trick. 

(* I also dislike Pora-potties, but understand they can be fun!)
And cheers to the person who made the decision to allow "Bikes Park Free!" Thank you.

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