Monday, September 22, 2014


So I've been told by the powers that be at Ladyhump International that there hasn't been enough posting of Brooklyn related content on our end - so here we go! Every day all week I'll be posting content from the Brooklyn Invitational, the Indian Larry Block Party, The UNINVITED show, the Motorcycle Film Fest and anything else we can get our hands on this week showcasing everything that is "So Chopper" about Brooklyn! Lets start with the best things first!

Outside the Brooklyn Invitational

Tom Fugle's "DOUBLE DIAMOND" Panhead
at the Brooklyn Invitational!

photo by Jason Goodrich 

epic pink Triumph outside of the Brooklyn Invitational. 

the crowd at the Indian Larry Block Party
(credit: Indian Larry Motorcycles)

Inside the Brooklyn Invitational

BROTHERS NYC at the Brooklyn Invitational!

Mothership at the UNINVITED show
photo by Jason Goodrich 

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