Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Escape To Hazzard County 3 "MEMBERSHIP DRIVE" Closes in approx. 2 Weeks!!

(pictured above; Zombie Perforamce 3rd place Cock-Fight Trophy) 

That's right, our Super Friends Membership Drive CLOSES in approx. 2 Weeks!!
There's always someone who waits till the day after it closes and then says "Hey! I didn't buy my membership... Can I still get one???" Sadly, when Membership in the Super Friends is FULL, the answer is NO... We're limited to allowing only 500 members in this years attendance. Sorry in advance... but let me tease you with the following....

This years DAISY DUKE CONTEST teaser image!
The winner crowned MISS HAZZARD COUNTY 2014 will be taking home a hand-painted BILTWELL helmet, a Trophy, Sash, and the coveted title of Miss Hazzard County!!

If you were there last year, you know it was fun!

More swag in production to fill 500 bags! Stickers, Patches, Rags, Buttons, etc., everyone's taking a bag home (unless you're too plastered and loose it at the event?)

We're proud to welcome back FARTBARF to the Hazzard County Stage!
(There's FIVE bands playing live this year...)

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