Saturday, October 11, 2014

Full Costume Ride and Dead Marionette Theatre LIVE performance, Oct. 25th 7pm

The Full Costume Ride is pretty much your excuse to get stupid and ride bikes in costumes! Sure, you might play dress-up biker every weekend, but whens the last time you played cross-dress-up biker? If it's in your heart, just go for it! OR maybe any other Halloween (inspired) costume you like... it's up to you.

We'll be keeping it local (bar hop style) so your "accessories" won't blow off and you won't break any press on nails or lose the polka-dot bikini top off your furry Bigfoot costume. 

Yes, there will be prize for BEST COSTUME on October 25th worn on the Full Costume Ride. Winner will be picked upon return to the Gasser Lounge before DEAD MARIONETTE THEATRE preforms (at 11pm)!!! Not to be missed, an all-original-musical-scored Demon-Opera indescribable-live-show that may send you home blind, deaf, or afflicted with seizures! *Legal Jumbo-Mumbo; Not responsible for injuries and/or mental damage sustained at/during/after/from event(s).

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