Monday, October 6, 2014


Friday night we got word that a new store was opening up in East Williamsburg. Turns out Schafmayer and Co. was having a big throwdown with free BBQ by Boobie Trap, Tattoos by Akira Latanzio, and all kinds of booze, babes and a decent place to get weird for the night. We wandered through a cloud of burnout smoke to find a ton of familiar faces, bbq sandwiches, and hot hot babes. Beyond all the amazing kit from Schafmayer adorning all the walls and shelves, it was nice to see our buddies Witness Company and Burn Method to be represented! Now we have a spot to see all their new wares on display in one location! I picked up a coyote tail myself that I needed because of reasons. I wouldn't be sad if we did this every weekend.  

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