Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Superfriends are GO!!! (or) HUGE ASS HILLBILLY GOOD OL TIMES PARTY!!!!!!

So this years Escape To Hazzard County is nearing the membership closing date...
OCTOBER 31st CLOSES this years Membership drive.
Your chance to join the Superfriends and attend this years "Hazzard County" will close in less than 10 days... 

do it now!

It's our third year running. You've either been to a previous one, or you've seen a ton of photos from one? Maybe you're a hermit and live in a cave without the Internet (but then how are you reading this?) So, you know, and you know what we do... WE THROW A HUGE ASS HILLBILLY GOOD OL' BOYS PARTY!!!

Zombie Performance has created some cool ass trophies for this years "Cock Fight"
So, big boys, do you measure up? We'll see...

Wicklow Atwater is one of five bands playing the Hazzard County Stage this year!

The Duke Contest is totally going to rule!!!
Ladies, might I suggest, you cut them shorter??? Yes.
Jackalope Trading Co. picture by @welovedon

and the Hazzard County Raffle has a whole bunch of bitchin' one off, brand it "Hazzard County" items that really set this raffle one the next level... there's nothing here you can pick up from the local swap or from ebay (I've made sure of that, trust me). All original, one-off (or modified Hazzard) items! (more on that later...)

Stay Trashy Hazzard County... we'll be there soon!

~ Superfriends United ~

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