Monday, November 17, 2014

My pictures suck from Escape to Hazzard County 3

It's not like I'm a professional photographer, because I am not. But with the workload on my (our) shoulders I didn't have the time necessary to take proper photos like I would have like. That being said... who cares? I know... just show the pictures you got. I've still got a week of clean up in the storage units of Lady Hump to tuck all this in for the next year, so posts might be few and far between, but we'll be back at it soon enough.

Hazzard County 3 was incredible. From the support staff, the volunteers, the attendees 500 SUPERFRIENDS STRONG!!!, the Rangers (who took the night off, thank you!), the Raffle Sponsors, the clean up crew (sorry for all the condoms, who knew that was going to happen? We did. We picked them up last year too), those who participated in the Hazzard County Games!, the Cock Fight* (not an actual fight*), The Daisy Duke Contestants, the Bands!, the tattoo artists, the cooks, ... the list goes on and on. Thank you! If you didn't have good time at Hazzard County, you need to buy yourself a happy Unicorn suit and rock it every day until you realize there's hillbilly Love in the hills of Hazzard County!

Sincerely, thanks to everyone who came out and had a BLAST! It was incredible meeting so many of you again. I'm actually jealous I missed most of the party working, but if you have a good time, then that's good enough for me!!!

I know this guy had a good time... obviously.

This dude is a monster!!! I'll figure out who was taking pictures of this event and give some proper credit to this years HE MAN OF HAZZARD COUNTY who, by God, earned it!!!


Trina Mann said...

These are great! I posted mine on my Facebook and a few so far on the gram.

Knives 'n' Knuckles said...

Yea! Tommy jean the unicorn!