Thursday, November 20, 2014

Send me your blogs and or YouTube links with Escape To Hazzard County 3 pictures/videos!

This video comes from Matt at CROWLIN COMPANY!
Thanks for sharing. We love it. Thank you.

If you've got pictures from Hazzard County 3 up on a blog or videos on YouTube / Vimeo, please shoot me a URL and we'll link them up on the Escape To Hazzard County website and other social media.

On instagram please tag #escapetohazzardcounty and/or #HC3

I'm really glad so many people had such a good time! It's not often you hear such resounding praise for an event on this scale. After three years, we've pretty much figured out what works and what doesn't. The bands, the food, the beverages, the registration, the swag, the support staff, the sponsors, the location, all golden! So I thank you and we'll continue to hammer on the things that need tweaking on my OCD chart (the raffle needs a drunk-proof method for sure and I'm not sure what that is right now. I've got the better part of a year to figure it out).

Until next year Superfriends!


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