Saturday, December 13, 2014

24 Cycles 1st Annual Toy Drive, San Diego, CA.

This dude Atom crashed his bike about a week ago and still had the balls to hobble his broke ass into the shop to hold the First Annual 24 Cycles Toy Drive he'd been planning for the last month!

Here's a couple pics from the event. Thank you for putting this together Atom / 24Cycles 

Damn if that isn't hundreds of toys! So happy to see that people didn't just be "a" unwrapped toy, but they brought out bags full of toys! Amazing. Thank you so much, everyone who donated at the event AND those who dropped off toys last night at the Gasser Lounge collection. Every toy will go to a needy child and that's better than anything else I can think of doing on perfect "Summer-in-Winter" Saturday with my motorcycle under me!


24Cycles said...

thank you lady hump for making the venture down with all the rainbows and unicorns I heard about your mishap and I hope you guys are okay if you need anything let me know

Knives 'n' Knuckles said...
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