Sunday, December 21, 2014

It's THE HALF-ASSED CHRISTMAS PARTY at the GASSER LOUNGE!!! ...and don't forget the HANNUKKHA HOT TUB too!!!!!!

Well, you went to a themed Christmas Party this year did you? That must have been nice. How many sweaters did you count? How much was the least expensive beer on the menu? ...tisk tisk tisk. You missed a multi-cultural, multi-themed, multi-sweatered, half-assed-but-fun-as-hell "chopper" Christmas Party! Where else are you gonna find a Dead Santa? a bunch of Dead Marionettes (wink wink), a Rabbi and a Bunny, and more snow than in any other part of Southern California? Come on, you know where. Say it.... Go on, Say it...

"alright... I'll say it for you. THE GASSER LOUNGE."

Merry Christmas 

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