Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Strawberry Shortcake is OVER!

In celebration for bringing the end to (what's it been now?) seven years of giving us all a "Stawberry Shortcake" (look it up. it's vulgar but true) of Dyna'mic Motorcycle Gang action on the small screen... 
I proudly present to you...

... Just how funny the show might have really been if you switched the cast of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia with Sons of Anarchy.

They look so much alike, you'd swear they were the same person!

Both do what they want to do, like wearing full leather, short n' full figured. The perfect Twins.. plus they both pull off a mean Elvis

Charlie Day would make an awesome "Juice" always fucking up and nothing but comic relief. Except, with Charlie Day, the "relief" would actually be funny

If ever there was a character who could dress like a woman and pull it off it's Shane Vandrell, but Dennis Reynolds certainly is just as gay on the "inside."

The lead of this cast would of course be Ronald McDonald as Jax Teller, obviously for his master of karate and dance skills. Jax with "Cats Eyes" could it get any better? He's no leader, but neither is Jax.

Luther would make a perfect, since obviously he's Mac's dad. It only makes perfect sense. Both have prison experience somehow...? He's dead now anyway so what does it matter.

And less we forget the incredible over-acting of Sweet Dee who'll act the shit out of a dead Tara! 
That's right, she'll physically act the "shit" out of a dead Tara... without a doubt.

Tell me you wouldn't watch this show??? If you say "No" you're a god damn liar!!!


...and if that's just not enough, travel through time; take a look back at this classic from 2011

One of the greatest VERSUS matches the Bloggosphere has ever seen!
(but why not? Just as dumb)

You'll have to follow the jump to see who won that grudge match.

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