Friday, January 31, 2014

Mikey B's Mega Fun Super Bowl House Party @ Gasser Lounge

Here's the perfect chance to get out for a ride, get away from the screaming kids (and join a group of screaming adults), not be bothered by running out of beer and having to break out last years stale bottles of half drunk two buck chuck. No one's going to ask you to run to the store to pick up a stick of butter. No one's going to ask you to go clean the patio because guests are coming over. No office politics, no conspiracy theory conversations you're trapped into, no eyeballing the weird cousin picking his nose in the corner wiping it on your walls. No ones going to tell you they need you to help them during half time (and by help they mean, take some neighbors poodle for a walk because he just pee-pee'd on your bedroom carpet... nah.

 Souvenir Football Glass Steins, buy a 20 oz. bitchen brew for $5, keep the glass! Each one hand engraved by our own talented Taranchula Claw Lincoln, and there's only 50 and we're claiming the "01" and the "Lady Hump" so that only leaves you 48 to snatch one from... so come early or you'll miss out. 

Mikey B's Mega Fun Super Bowl House Party at the Gasser Lounge
(open at noon Sunday)

Instagram: @gasserlounge @taranchulaclawlincoln @lady_hump

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Just a year ago tonight...

Happy Birthday Mikey.

Happy Birthday AMUSED MUSE

Amused Muse (Gasser Lounge / Lady Hump regular, Hazzard County veteran) had a Birthday Party last night at Fusion Sushi and there was a baby in the cake. I'm not even sure why, but I guess it has something to do with Mardi Gras? Initially I thought it to be lil' baby Jesus, but you eat the body and the blood not the cake and the baby... (and why wouldn't you load a cake up with small toys when you're baking it. Come to think of it, someones getting a bunch of plastic bugs in their next cake... hummmm.)

We also got the proof from the new photography journal, gave it a once over and sent it to print.

that's SO chopper is currently available for pre-sale in the Lady Hump bigcartel store (link at the top of page) but for everyone local, during the upcoming SUE BOY RIDE on February 22nd at the Gasser Lounge we'll once again be issuing free raffle tickets along the route (yeah, you gotta GO on the ride to even get a raffle ticket) and once we return to the bar that night to properly toast Mr. Johnny Cash (as it will be his birthday!), we'll select some lucky riders who'll win a free copy. You must be present to win, and whatever other restrictions we decide upon at the time... maybe we'll give one out for best dressed as Mr. Cash has specified, if you're going to celebrate his birthday, you do so dressed in all BLACK.

I can't stop looking into Shawn's eyes...

And... assuming there's no hangover problems... (big assumption), the next morning we'll be at the Long Beach Cycle Swap boothing with the ever handsome Atom Rotten of 24Cycles fame. Come by-and-by and buy a copy. Special pricing at the swap (don't be fooled it's only because we don't have to charge you for the packaging and shipping fees. Bubble mailers ain't cheap Bro... pop, pop, pop. You play with them for a minute then you're distracted like a four year old. But we ship you a copy without one and it's the END OF THE WORLD {insert Jazz Hands} if your cover gets scratched or torn. Can I get an ah'men. The Church said "Halle'penyo!")

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"I don't care about your damn yellow buzzards."

SUE BOY RIDE Feb 22nd 2014 at 3pm

aka things you probably didn't know about Johnny Cash

In June 1965, while high as a kite on a meth binge, parked deep in the forest due to paranoia, his truck caught fire due to an overheated wheel bearing, triggering (said) forest fire that burnt several hundred acres in Los Padres National Forest in California.

When the judge asked Cash why he did it (because obviously, when you're super high on meth, you remember every detail of every action no matter how focused you are on checking the windows to see if the cops are outside your camper and taking apart that transistor radio that's transmitting location signals to the Feds... yep.), Cash said, "I didn't do it, my truck did (because like Pixar has proven, Cars are sentient beings capable of both criminal actions and conscientious decision making), and it's dead, so you can't question it." 

The fire destroyed 508 acres, burning the foliage off three mountains and driving off 49 of the refuge's 53 endangered condors Cash was unrepentant and claimed, "I don't care about your damn yellow buzzards." 

The federal government sued him and was awarded $125,172 ($927224 in 2014 dollars). Cash eventually settled the case and paid $82,001. He said he was the only person ever sued by the government for starting a forest fire.

The missing Buzzards were never seen again... but we have a pretty good idea where they went.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Chicks Dig Scars Bro...

 Everybody should know Naked Rob by now. If you don't it's because you're short on your Lady Hump homework and you're going to have to go back and review the lesson plans (that, or watch some of our vimeo footage from his epic fire jumps). So he's limping around because a curb got the better of him. I tell him, don't sweat it. Chicks dig scars.
That or they'll think you've got some serious rugburn action going on...
and that could work either way.

Although it's not a guarantee. We do offer sticker replacement warranties * for when you lay down your sa'wheat ride. If you damage a sticker in an accident, and if'n we think you're legit holmes, we'll hand you a replacement at the swap if you weave us a tale. (* some stickers are out of stock).


Jackalope Trading Co.

When you visit the Long Beach Cycle Swap, be sure to find my friends who run Jackalope Trading Co., they've got the best selection of vintage dixie / western knicknackery and a seleection of small head (for the discerning female riders, there's more and more every day) custom painted helmets that are really sweet.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Traci Lords For President

Traci Lords most famous qoute;

"You wanna learn about America, Inga? In America, we like boys! We like hot boys! Boys with roaming hands and rushing fingers!" ... and, I believe the next words go something like this; "Boys with hot Sportsters..." etc. etc.

In Long Beach, in the sea of over-priced over-accessorized over-culterized baggers and lowriders, there's Sporsters hiding amongst the sheep. 

Worthy of the fold of the Lady Hump blog.
I can't tell you how many Weekend Warriors there are at this swap but there was enough to keep me searching for Big Foot, Nelly, or the rarer... chopper.


We'll be slinging rock at the Long Beach Cycle Swap later today with 24Cycles. Swing by and check us out! (I know you already do... but I created this bitchen' new Mudflap Unicorns Plastic Wrap Trucker Babes image (above) for the event and I needed an excuse to share it with you...)

that's SO chopper
Tee Tops (that means "t-shirts") for Men available.
Probably have some CRFyou shirts on hand too.

And you'll get some free stickers too, to pretty up your ugly bike.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lady Hump's Vol. 4 PRE-SALES Available Now

((( Vol. 4 )))

160+ Pages
Full Color (*)
~ NO ADS ~
High Gloss
The Best of the Lady Hump Blog in one handy visual digest.
Contains Lady Hump photography coverage from the following 2013 events;
The Nightmare Before Hazzard County, CARNEVIL, Escape To Hazzard County2, The Mugu Rock Run, El Diablo Run 5, Love Cycles campout, Hug The Coast Ride, The Shamruckus, Fartbarf, The Curly Wolf, Star Wars de' Mayo, Welcome Back Jesus and the Vulcan Jesus Ride to Vasquez Roxx, Born Free 5, The Sue Boy 2 Run, Fat's Memorial Run to the Kern River, Mikey B's White Trash Pool Party and many many more... (*) James Exley photo booth set up at HC2 portraits featured are B/W.

Release Party at the Gasser Lounge COMING SUPER SOON

Friday, January 24, 2014



County Jail to the Abandoned Zoo down Golden Road and back to the bah' for the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This panhead was stolen in Glendale/Los Angeles area today (1/22). If you see it or find any info on it; criagslist, ebay, swaps, local, parked in an alley, in the back of a truck (get a plate #) or anything contact authorities immediately and on IG @raddyhd

New York Motorcycling Update for January

Yep. It's still snowing. 
-Jay McJay

Monday, January 20, 2014

"... have a Rotten Day"

We're getting out the 'Nasty for this years SUE BOY 3 Ride

Save the Date: February 22nd

Gasser Lounge
1500 Aviation Blvd., Redondo Beach CA

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Please excuse the absence of the Lady Hump blog posts this month. We're fervently in the process of completing the 2013 Lady Hump photography book "that's SO chopper" Pre-Sales available later this week for a grand release party (and raffles) at the Gasser Lounge in February (more details as we have them). Thank you. ~ Lady Hump

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back in the USA

Just a small welcome back party from my trip to India. It's nice to have one night off work... currently working on the 4th Vol., Lady Hump photography annual, so I've got my nose in the screen all day long. I'll tease it soon enough.

Super (not so) excited return picture... "No. I don't want to take any pictures. Let's just go drink."


It's a couple months out, but we're eagerly awaiting the debut release from one of our favorite bands!
I'm ready to coma up until April 1st ... someone sedate me.

Monday, January 13, 2014

ya 'NASTY!

Walt Disney said, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible." and that's true, but here at the Lady Hump we believe it's just as fun to do the satirical and irresponsible! 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mumbai Bound and Gagged'

I think I should have brought a book or something?
... an 18 hour flight just to pitch a show.

There's nearly 1.3 Billion people in India, this shirt is going to Rule!