Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Did you know May is "NATIONAL PRISON SHANK" month? Neither did I...

The Prison Shank 3.0 will be on sale for $15., postpaid, for the entire month of May.
Happy Prison Shank month. While supplies last.

I've also dropped the 2014 Hazzard County Calendars down to $9.99 postpaid, there's only 15 left and I don't want to see them get not get someone to love them, at least for a few months... find them in the Lady Hump store.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Word Cloud Propaganda on the Giant Rock Run 3 (pic.3)

How do I stop laughing? There's a word in a cloud above your head... that only happens in comic books?

Look closer...

We call this Dance "When Doves Cry"...

It helps in aiming accurately because you're able to judge the wind better like this.
...Maybe a little of both
Mixed with the jello scraped from between a Unicorns toes...
Then guess what we saw coming toward us... yep.
That got real, real quick.

This SATURDAY... Star Wars De' Mayo at the galaxian famous Gasser Lounge

Star Wars de Mayo at the Gasser Lounge happens this Saturday.
The RIDE meets at 3pm.
The Party doesn't stop until MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU and we destroy the 2nd Death Star... and even then the party over not it is!
Costume Contest PRIZE: $100 bar tab courtesy of Tequila Corralejo
JUDGES will be Mikey and Allen
Extra Points for originality and enthusiasm!

Come watch Yawnny Cash dance the night away with loose (albeit hot) Ewoks!

Have drunken Mongo Fett's stuff toy guns in your Jedi Robes!

And don't be afraid to mash it up! This isn't a some strict hipster club where we measure the angle of your glasses to ensure you're square enough to come in... Mix your Mexican in your Star Wars and we'll melt that sandwich like a Carne Asada Patty Melt!

The Death Star Pinata for this years Star Wars de Mayo is once again filled with your take home hand painted Lady Hump sugar skulls... if you're lucky enough to grab one when the ball drops at midnight ushering in "May The Fourth Be With You" and we obliterate the 2nd Death Star!
(midnight equals May FOURTH ... you get it right?)

Are we riding in our costumes?
"Paying attention you have not been..."

Monday, April 28, 2014

Oley, PA Antique MC Swap Meet (Part 1 of 2)

Saturday we were up at the ass crack of dawn, headed to Oley, PA for the Antique Motorcycle Swap Meet. The meet is held every year in the back yard of the Oley Firehouse. We ran into a few friends and got a few good deals. Here's a few pics of the people and the bikes we saw

Welcome to Camp Thundercunt, Giant Rock Run 3 (pics.2)

Arriving at the world largest free standing boulder is pretty amazing having trenched your street motorcycle through 5 or more miles of sand. There was only one dump in (and on dump out) this year (both by experienced dudes who've been through the same sandy road prior...?) but what's even more amazing is the fact that the Campground along side Giant Rock is (allegedly) called "Camp Thundercunt"

Now if you look closely, you can see the wave of cars peeking behind the Giant Rock. This was the Cult of "Zoltaar the Destroyer" an intergalactic space alien worshiping cult made of of mostly white family type people driving Subarus, Prius, and Volvos (mostly) with their own and apparently adopted (perhaps abducted?) children from other races (hey, I call it like I see it). They arrived at the rock and performed about two hours of prayer and ceremony before, in the blink of any eye, they all disappeared. Did they drive off, all of them, that suddenly? Or did something more sinister happen to them? Only Zoltaar the Destroyer knows for sure... 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Let's get out..." Giant Rock Run 3 (pics.1)

This years 3rd GIANT ROCK RUN to... Giant Rock occurred last weekend. One of the super fun, near unpromoted motorcycle runs that happen all over Southern California (and I'm sure all over the country too) almost every weekend all year long. The Giant Rock Run was/is composed of Lady Hump cultists and Bacon Crew members, put together by Ben and Jennifer (aka Bennifer). I'll post pictures all week long in some semblance of chronological order, although with the time travel, space exploration and mind altering that occurred this weekend, that might be slightly hard to do... Thank you for your hospitality and alcohol.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Last Nights Pie-In-The-Face ...

Last nights tradition of excellence continued with the Birthday party of Kid Dynomite, aka Jimmy Burnouts, aka Kid Dynomite... aka Jimmy Burnouts! Happy Birthday. You finally reached twenty-one!!! plus three... such a magical time in your life awaits you.

Friday, April 25, 2014

FREE BUTTONS for Star Wars de' Mayo

In addition to the FREE shop rags for the first 50 riders on the Death Star Trench Run (more info coming) there'll be a assortment of free different buttons handed out on Star Wars De Mayo

Gasser Lounge, 1500 Aviation Blvd. Redondo Beach CA
MAY 3rd 2014

Best Mexican themed Star Wars Costume WINS a $100 Bar Tab courtesy of Tequila Corralejo ~and~ $4 Corralejo Specials all weekend long... and me and Mikey are picking the winner!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Looks like Tequila Corralejo has jumped onto the correlian spice freighter with us for this years STAR WARS DE MAYO party and ride at the Gasser Lounge! They're throwing in a $100 BAR TAB* for the BEST Star Wars de' Mayo Costume... picked by none other than Mikey and the Lady Hump. And you should know we're pretty "far out man" as interpretation goes, so mix it up; Mexican Star Wars and creativity will earn you a higher chance of winning than just your 501st Legion Stormtrooper costume...  So all you SW nerds that live in Grandma's house and instead of girlfriends have boxes of Star Wars Kenner action figures (that's me!), memorabilia, and cosplay costumes... it's time to get it on!!! The glove has been thrown down. (*no cash value, prize good for booze and/or merchandise only)

MAY 3rd 2014

Who knew the Lady Hump built fucking Death Stars in his spare time??? Jimm'iny Christmas.

"... and once again, I've been busy building the Second Death Star pinata, which will again be filled with Stormtrooper, Vader, and Droid hand painted day of the dead inspired Star Wars sugar skulls for those lucky enough to catch one once the  Death Star is destroyed!!!"