Friday, June 27, 2014

Curly Wolf Tonight at Gasser Lounge

We're going to be drinking in the first night of the High 5, five year anniversary party at the Gasser Lounge tonight with a LIVE performance by the Curly Wolf!  This is going to be probably the second best weekend party of the year (gotta hold Hazzard County on the Tops of the Charts you know. Hell yeah!)

Just cruising all over the South Bay today, hitting the chopper shops and the watering holes.

Meet at the Gasser Lounge 9:30 AM
KSU 10-10:30 ish' after a couple cold ones.
FREE SHOP RAGS for the first 46.



Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's only Thursday... the HIGH 5 Party doesn't officially start until FRIDAY!!!

Afternoon cruising in Southern California

Pit Stop
Visiting the Docks in Charming, CA. Don't throw your baby away... it might drown.


It's only one day until the HIGH 5 party at the Gasser Lounge kicks off for fun all weekend long! See you around clown...

June at the Long Beach Cycle Swap (5)

"Diane. 9:30 AM. Entering the town of Long Beach. Twelve miles South East of the Gasser Lounge. Slightly overcast day. Breakfast was $14.95. I had the tuna fish omelet with whole wheat toast. Coffee. Black. Slice of Cherry Pie. Damn good food... "

I'll bet you 9 out of 10 Sportster owners think Gary Cooper was an FBI agent investigating the death of Laura Palmer....


High Noon Classics

Admit it. The lock ruins a good pictures, but in this age of "another bike stolen" on Instagram, this cheap solution keeps fucking thieves from just putting it in neutral and pushing it away. If you value your bike, don't worry about how it looks sitting in the lot. Bike thieves should be given the same as Rinaldo Pazzi "...bowels out."

Blogs are like Harold Llyod...
they're better when they're silent.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June at the Long Beach Cycle Swap (4)

Black Flag!

Rebels always breaking clearly posted rules... EXIT <---
I admit, I don't even know* what kinda of bike this is, but it was cruising by at about 4 mph so I took an action shot! I got some mad photo skills bitch!

Slick pairing of old and new.

 Oh look, I took a picture of a non-Harley too. 

Actually, there's two non-Harley's in this post! It's like the end of an era or something infinitely less catastrophic. (...yawn)

*read = care

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Isaiah 58:12, Your People will rebuild Ancient Ruins...

Sneak Peek
Peaking in three, two, one... erection.

Kit's Gold-Leaf-by-Numbers work is numerical!!!

... off to clear we go!

June at the Long Beach Cycle Swap (3)

Did you know I fancy a fine Sportster? Sportsters are America's Favorite Harley Davidson. Unfortunately, most of them are ugly Mares. It's rare you see so many Unicorns in a parking lot full of Mules.

You get it? Mares... female horses over four years old? Like girls bikes... over four... years... old? Sometimes I don't even know why I bother with trying to be humorous. "How do you like your martini Sir?" 
.... Dry

Monday, June 23, 2014

June at the Long Beach Cycle Swap (2)

Sometimes I have to thank random people for standing in shots, really, it helps disguise the background which is usually filled with hideous assemblies. "How many spokes can we fit into your front wheel... lets just keep adding them till we run out!" No thanks. The human eye can detect imperfections in symmetry unconsciously... keep it simple, keep it pure. The paint on the tank/frame of this Pan is perfect, not too much, not too little.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Can you say "Escape to Hazzard County 2" coverage? I think you can... ORDER NOW! You have 2 days left to grab this...

(from their website)
"Rolling Heavy Magazine #5 is finally here!!!!! This is strictly for the pre sale of #5. Your copy will ship on June 26th. Not before. This sale only runs from 06.19.24-06.24.14. We will be releasing #5 at Born Free June 28-29. Rolling Heavy #5 will be for sale here in our store on July 2nd. So if you just can’t wait, get in on the pre sale. We’ll have a special little something in every pre order as usual."

June at the Long Beach Cycle Swap (1)

 Back in the day' I used to shoot a lot of bikes at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. Over the course of a few years my attention span either grew or shrunk maybe, sometimes this venue sucks balls and sometimes it rocks. Maybe because Born Free is coming, there's more out-of-towners getting an erection? But I was able to walk the lot today and the cool bike to horrid accessorized plastic-chromed money trap was skewed to my favor. So for the next few says I'll just be posting some cool pics like this little shovel below. Reminds me of Hang Ten shirts my mom used to buy me as a kid...

The ratio is usually 1/50, but today felt like a solid 1/30... big numbers in my world. And sweet Shovel. The paint attracts the eye, but it's the seat that fits the lines of this bike and wrap it up in a cosmic little bow!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The HIGH FIVE Ride, Saturday June 28th 9:30 am

Hot Pink FREE Shop Rags are ready for the High Five Ride out to Born Free 6 on June 28th. We're meeting at 9:30 AM'ish, we'll have a few and putt on out. Please be advised there's no colors at BF6 so don't get caught hanging this rag outta your back pocket.... unless that's how you roll!

 You know where we'll be most all weekend long... Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!
Swing by and congratulate the Gasser Lounge on running full tilt for 5 years!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tradecraft Shovel Party!!!

Nick from TradeCraft got a new '67 slab side Shovelhead motor in the mail for his new bike build. It was time to throw a party. Can't wait to see everyone later at California or Bust at Indian Larry's tonight!