Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The OFFICIAL Lady Hump GHOUL POOL 2014 Results and 2015 Entry

Once again, we're proud to announce the winner of last years 2014 Lady Hump's Ghoul Pool contest!

2014 Winner!!!


Who correctly guessed the name of one person that would pass away during the year... now we were really hoping for some reality television celebrity to bite the big one, in a darwinistic way that would be more entertaining the the SOA Thuper Fan MC hashtags on Instagram, but we'll take the winner for what it's worth...

So what do you win Kevin??? A copy of Lady Hump's soon to be released annual photography book, "Waterloo" ... So stay tuned for more info on that (and I'll get with you to hand deliver a copy when we receive our shipments from the printers in late January). Congratulations!

So maybe you want to play? Got some people in mind who you'd like to catch a bullet? Read below...


Chose any three (3) names you think will make the leap in 2015 and write them in the comment section below... about a year from now. We'll see who the winner is? Sounds like fun doesn't it... Rules? Who cares, the person(s) you pick now has to be living now, and has to expire between Feb 1st 2015 and January 1st 2016.

The Lady Hump's 2015 picks are as follows:
1.) Johna Hill (because Justin Beiber would be just too easy a pick...)
2.) Abe Vigoda (the dude is oooooolllllllddddddd)
3.) Dr. Mehmet Oz. ...because obviously he's always telling people what's the best for their health, you know?

Some might consider this in poor taste. But you know, like whatever...


iTod said...

1 Hugh Hefner

2 AL Shartpon

3 Paul McCartney

Unknown said...

1. President George H.W. Bush (the Dad)

2. Iggy Pop

3. Tina Turner

Kevin Hogan said...

YAY...It's good to be king! Thank you , thank you very much. Now how do I go about collecting said prize? I'll have my 2015 selection soon.

Kevin Hogan said...

Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn? Remember how she said that we would meet
again some sunny day?
1)Vera Lynn

2)Zsa Zsa Gabor

3) Henry Kissinger